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Parent's Pen

AP Physics

"I attended Aura Tek’s Physics classes in the second semester of junior year. It was a very good investment of time for me! Mr. Pandey reviews the concepts in class as needed by the students instead of simply following a fixed order. One thing I appreciated was how he points out potential pitfalls on the tests, and the tricks that the SAT, AP test makers like to employ. He tells you what to expect on the test - the type of questions that you might get with different concepts. Going to his classes helped me use the same preparation for my AP exam, SAT subject test and my class finals. I would highly recommend Aura Tek to any student looking to get good scores, and also a good understanding of the concepts."

Riya Dash

"I am extremely happy with Aura Tek tutoring services. My son is taking Math and Physics class there for almost several months. He has slight increase in his grades but more than that is his understanding on the subject increased. All teachers are highly skilled and follow the local education pattern. They are very flexible, provide extra classes, setup sample papers when close to exams and need basis, which beneficial not only building student moral but give them confidence and practice to work on."

Madhu Gaur

SAT Physics

"My child attended Aura Tek’s Physics classes to prepare for the AP Physics 2 exam and SAT Physics subject test. Mr. Pandey's instruction and coaching provided a good structure to her preparation. He figures out which concepts the child needs help on, and focuses on those. The class size is small, and they also do many mock tests. The teenagers can get busy with their high school work and other activities, and the weekly class makes sure they are also preparing regularly for the AP/SAT exams. In particular, my child said that she benefited a lot by knowing the tips and tricks to avoid losing points carelessly - in addition to concepts review, she also learnt how to take the test successfully - got a score of 780. Also, Mr. Pandey is very prompt and professional in responding back to any questions from parent."

Fatima Dash

SAT Math 2

"Dinesh Pandey is energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about teaching.He did a great job motivating my son to want to understand and work hard in Calculus BC and Chemistry and as a result scored an 800 in Math 2 SAT subject test, 790 in Chemistry SAT subject test and a 5 in AP Calculus BC. I highly recommend his tutoring classes."

Amita Parmar

AP Chemistry

"We are extremely happy with Dinesh. He is a very gifted teacher. When our daughter was struggling with AP Chemistry, Dinesh helped her considerably. Within a week we could see her confidence growing and her score improved dramatically! Since then Dinesh is teaching her Math and Physics. We are very happy that we made right choice! Dinesh’s approach of teaching is very unique and effective. He just does not explain the difficult concept easily, he also inspires the students to love the subject and understand its applications. Dinesh is a master of the subjects he teaches and makes the learning fun for the students!"

Presentation Parents

Calculus BC

"My son is in his Junior year and going for Calculus BC to Aura Tek and we are glad that after joining the class we see significant progress in the subject. Thank you Aura Tek! Your class has really helped Aditya!"

Jigisha Mehta

Calculus AB

"I would like to take this opportunity to let know that we have been very happy with Anjali's progress since joining Aura Tek. You really help the students enjoy the classes.  Even for a difficult course (Calculus AB), you had gotten my daughter to like the hard work that is required to be comfortable with the subject.   You helped Anjali become confident in her ability to learn and be good in math. In the first semester she started losing confidence and I felt that after joining your class she got back her self-confidence and love for math.  I was happy to see that she was doing extra math on her own to make sure that she understood the concepts completely. You made sure that the students enjoy the class and feel comfortable asking you about any difficulty they might be having with their studies. Thank you very much for helping the kids enjoy learning these basic sciences that will help them throughout their careers!"

Gautam Ganguly (Parent)

Calculus AB

"I see you have passion and interest in teaching, and Sravya is really showing interest in attending Classes because of you. We definitely recommend to others who is looking for help in AP classes and we are very happy. People do say they are passionate but mostly do it for money but you are really passionate about teaching."

Siva Voleti

"I highly recommend Aura-Tek tutoring services for any student who wanted to have more command over the subjects that they wanted to excel on. Before joining at Aura-Tek, my daughter was struggling with math at her high school. After started taking tutoring lessons at Aura-Tek, I see excellent improvement in her grades at school. Now she is more confident in her math skills and she is looking forward to learn more new concepts. Dinesh is great at explaining things and he will make sure your kid get understand the concepts very well. Personally I'm very happy with Aura-Tek tutoring services and would like to thank him for doing such a great service to the community and I highly recommend Aura-Tek tutoring services to anyone who wanted to excel any subject!"

A Happy Mom- Saint Francis

"Dinesh is a very talented tutor. My son had a very positive impact since he started taking classes from Dinesh. When my son had trouble understanding the math concepts, we enrolled him into Dinesh's tutoring service.  Dinesh took extra classes when feasible and gave special attention to ensure my son understood the subject.  We are very happy with my sons performance at school now and glad that we chose Dinesh's tutoring service."


AP Statistics

"Dinesh is a great tutor and has helped my daughter immensely improve her math skills this past year. He provided a lot of support and is someone we would recommend to everyone."

Annie Kong

Biology Honors

"Aura Tek was recommended to us by a couple of friends and we couldn’t be happier. Our daughter is in high school and she has been taking Math and Science lessons from Dinesh and Nidhi for almost two years now. We couldn’t be happier with her progress. Dinesh and Nidhi are very flexible and are available to help her even outside the scheduled classes. They take personal interest in each kid’s educational development. We have our 5th grade son coming over here too for his math classes and his experience is nothing less than great. The teachers make sure the concepts are clear and easy to understand for elementary school kids. I would highly recommend Aura Tek for talented teachers, professionalism and personal interest in each kid’s academics."

Shubhee Sharma - Parent


"Aura Tek is a life changing experience for both my kids especially my high schooler. I'm very happy to have Dinesh Pandey as his teacher. He is very professional and dedicated and his willingness to help him with school studies gives me a lot of relief. I would highly recommend Aura Tek for your children's success."

Lopa Parikh (Parent)

"My son started with Dinesh when he was struggling in middle school without good foundation in Algebra. That was more than a year ago. Since then, my son has really improved to the point that he not only likes going to Dinesh’s classes but doesn’t like any other teacher in comparison to Dinesh. Dinesh challenges the kids to think how to solve the problem mathematically versus trying to remember everything. Dinesh works hard to come up with methodologies that resonate with high schoolers in such a way that it helps them understand problems easily at their level. Dinesh focuses on problems that will aid the kids to do well in SAT and ACT test.  We are very happy that we found Dinesh for my son as he navigates though the tough math subjects in high school! I highly recommend Aura Tek and Dinesh for all your math needs."

Rama Setlur (Parent)

AP Biology

"My daughter has taken classes from Ms.Nidhi and Mr.Dinesh. Ms.Nidhi is an excellent tutor. She taught concepts very well making sure my daughter understood them clearly. Sometimes, my daughter’s teacher would finish lessons very last minute. In these cases, Ms.Nidhi always worked with us to schedule last minute sessions. Even when my daughter or I text her with questions, she always responds ASAP. Ms.Nidhi helped my daughter stay on top, receive the best scores, and maintain an A in the class despite my daughter having an average teacher at school. I couldn’t have had a better person to tutor my daughter, other than Ms.Nidhi. Mr.Dinesh is also an amazing tutor. He teaches my daughter SAT Math. He introduces really helpful concepts to her and assures that she understands each one of those concepts thoroughly. My daughter constantly improves with his help, as he provides her with both new concepts and many, many practice problems. Every few weeks he gives my daughter a practice test. Then, the next week he goes over each incorrect problem with my daughter and makes sure she won’t make the same mistakes again. Mr.Dinesh is definitely a very helpful tutor. Without a doubt, my daughter has drastically improved after joining AuruTek. I highly recommend Ms.Nidhi and Mr.Dinesh to anyone looking for excellent tutoring services."

"For Biology tutoring, Ms. Nidhi used many visuals such as diagrams and videos which helped me a lot since I am a visual learner. It helped me actually understand and remember the concepts as well. I also found the flash cards and practice quizzes that Nidhi emailed me to be very useful since it recapped and reinforced what you taught me during the sessions."

Priyanka Karunakaran


"For Math tutoring, I found it very helpful how Dinesh helped me first fully understand the concepts before working on any problems. By understanding the concept first, I was able to identify which problem to apply the concept to. I also liked how he would give me timed practice questions and then go back to questions I had answered incorrectly to see where the mistake occurred instead of moving on to the next concept."

Priyanka Karunakaran


"I have been to several math institutes before finding Aura Tek. Unlike my previous instructors, Dinesh is highly skilled and qualified to be teaching any subject to a person of any age. On top of his knowledge, he is very good at keeping you engaged through his myriad of techniques. Using high level methods not found in your school textbooks and unbeknownst to your school teachers, he can easily arm you for a test, but more importantly equip you for the real world. Finally, he looks for a student's learning habits and adapts the class to best accommodate. In summary, he can teach Multi-Variable Calculus to your grandma and simultaneously motivate your 8 year old to do math. Oh yeah, he’s funny and chill too."

Kaushik Devireddy


"Dinesh Pandey is an excellent mentor and a teacher with a very good educational background and experience. Dinesh’s class helped our son to grasp the concepts of PreCalculus and Calculus quickly. Dinesh also offers additional coaching for the kids when they are struggling with concepts which is very helpful for the kids. He is very prompt in responding to the questions that the students text him during weekdays. Dinesh has a positive attitude and communicates very well with the parents which is so essential to the learning process.  We highly recommend Dinesh for the Math classes."

Mr. and Mrs. Venkatraman

Math 1

"In today’s world and time, it is very difficult to find the kind of passion and dedication that Dinesh has for teaching kids Math and making it a fun and enjoyable subject for them.  Both Dinesh and Nidhi treat the students like their own kids and make sure they are on top of their learning and progress. If a kid needs additional help or clarification, they are always forthcoming and encourage communication beyond the class limits for kids to approach the teacher to get their questions or problems answered.  This personalized attention is what sets them apart, other than from of course Dinesh's subject matter expertise. What I like is their strong focus and emphasis on clarifying the core concepts and strengthening their overall understanding and foundation of the subject, so they are better prepared to apply those concepts to any problem that come their way, and not on just moving from module to module."

Swati Tol

Dinesh Pandey is such a knowledgeable teacher who truly knows how to help his students solve problems efficiently and logically. As a student of his for the past 3 years, I'm still amazed at how he is able to help his physics, math, and chemistry students make difficult questions look so easy. And that's what makes him a special teacher- whether it be balancing equations or finding the area of a curve, he's an approachable and kind teacher who knows how to help his students perform well in the classroom.

Sahil Kothari

"My son who is a Junior at Evergreen High school went to Aura Tek/ Nidhi for SAT Biology and AP Biology tutoring.  Not only did she give great materials to learn by himself, her practice tests and in-class PowerPoints helped him a lot in understanding the concepts for each topic! He ended up earning a 5/5 on the AP Biology exam (held in May 2018) and  800/800 on the SAT Biology M test (held in June 2018) with Nidhi's help. I would strongly recommend Aura Tek for students at any level."

Venkat Vempati (Abhinav Dad)

"I attended Aura Tek in my junior year for AP Calculus BC and SAT Math 2 Subject Test; I could not be happier with the help I received. Mr. Dinesh is an excellent teacher, with a deep understanding of the subjects and an amazing problem-solving ability.  Any formula or theorem we learned, Mr. Dinesh would derive the formulas and explain why they worked. He always made sure to teach us the simplest methods to solve a problem, no matter how difficult. I really enjoyed going to his tutoring sessions, for he made math enjoyable. He always showed lots of energy and passion for what he was teaching. This made a huge difference and is what made his classes very interactive and interesting.  What I really appreciated about Mr. Dinesh is that any question I had, whether it was during the class, or in the middle of the night through a text message, Mr. Dinesh would send me answer instantly. He would call me to explain the reasoning behind the problem and to ensure that I comprehended that problem, and other similar difficult ones. Mr. Dinesh would never get stumped by any hard question, so I was definitely able to count on him for my preparations before tests. I recommend to anyone who goes to Dinesh's classes, to take advantage of the numerous amount of mock tests and practice questions that he provides, since they simulate real test questions and a real test environment.  The mock tests I took for Calculus BC and Math 2 helped me significantly in my test preparation. Mr. Dinesh’s teaching methods not only helped me raise my calculus grade, a class I was struggling in, but also helped me gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the subject. I would not have gotten a score of 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam, and an 800 on SAT Math 2 without his assistance.  I really wish I had known about Aura Tek's classes earlier in my high school years and I highly recommend their tutoring classes to anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of a subject. "

Akhila G. (Student at EVHS)

"I first heard about Aura Tek from a good family friend of mine and decided to test it out to see whether it would work in helping me improve my Math skills. Slowly, I joined classes in Chemistry and Biology as I began enjoying myself and learning in each class. Each class provided multiple ways for a student to learn, and each instructor helped me with whatever problems I had. For this reason, I think Aura Tek stood out to me, as instructors were actually willing to listen to my comments, questions, and concerns. They would also help me out with specific issues I was facing when I asked. At first, I was shy to the idea of asking an instructor questions, but the environment at Aura Tek encouraged me to engage in the class. Therefore, I would recommend Aura Tek to all who are really willing to learn and accelerate."

Sriharish (EV Student)

"My daughter is going to Aura Tek with Ms. Y since she was in 5th grade. More than me to like her as a teacher she loved her the most. Ms. Y is so much loved by kids with her teaching techniques. My daughter never like to miss class and always excited to finish homework on time to get surprise gift/ rewards. Sometimes, it happened that she struggled with homework late night and asked for help and at that moment Thank God Aura Tek teachers were always there to help and motivate her. Just one word I would like to say “Thank you Aura Tek “for your commitment, dedication and helping the community. We love Aura Tek teachers and lucky to have Ms. Y as our teacher!"

Hina Shah (Chaboya Parent) 

"I enrolled my son to Aura Tek and he is attending 7th grade advance math with Mr. Timothy. He is an experienced and a friendly teacher who knows how to introduce challenging concepts in a simpler manner. His way of teaching is way different that my son missed at previous place. I had interacted with him couple of times and I understood that he is very good at what he does. He also offered special help to my son before tests in school. I highly recommend Aura Tek for all your tutoring needs. "

Mulini (Chaboya parent)

"My daughter went to Aura Tek for math classes for sixth grade. Ms. Y teaches sixth graders and she is really good, friendly and approachable when you have any concerns. Also Ms. Nidhi is very helpful in accommodating your needs!"

Jigisha Mehta (Evergreen Elementary Parent)

"Ms. Maria is an excellent teacher, very organized and professional.  Ms. Maria is passionate about teaching Spanish and the best thing is she try to talk to the students in Spanish completely in the class which helps them to understand Spanish in native Spanish way. I highly recommend her class to everyone who is serious about learning Spanish."


"Ms. Y is an amazing teacher! She does a great job of explaining concepts. She is also extremely easy to talk too, and when I go to learn, I am always very comfortable.  This makes it easy to ask questions for more clarification."