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Aura Tek

Aura Tek is a company that makes sure its students perform at their best. The company started in February 2012 and is one of the fastest growing tutoring networks in California. The reason that Aura Tek has garnered so much popularity is the dedication that our tutors have towards making their students excel academically. Aura Tek believes that simple learning is not the way to go. A person that needs to do exceptional in a competitive test should know how to prepare themselves by properly understanding concepts and not just memorizing it.

The Beginning

Aura Tek is a passion project of the founder “Dinesh Pandey”. A community that had given him a lot, Dinesh decided, how can I give something back to the community? A late night thought transformed into a vision to provide the best in class education that California has seen.

The reason he started the company was that he wanted to teach the students the proper way for their examinations. The reason that most students are not able to perform well in exams these exams is because they do not have the right tools to deal with them. Aura Tek is a vision that aims to provide the pathway to cognitive thinking and logical reasoning for the students.

Students who know how to tackle problems in different ways are much more successful than the ones who take the single path that is defined for them. Educational institutions are designed to make students think in one way, which is why they are stuck when a bit of a curveball question is hurled at them.

Aura Tek aims to provide the students with the right tools to tackle questions head on. We teach you the way not just solve problems, but to analyze them and master the art of logical thinking.

Mission Statement

Aura Tek’s objective is to empower students by providing them the ability to think better. We aim to make a community that is filled with young minds that want to excel for themselves and serve the community well. Aura Tek tutoring services are here to help the student overcome the fear of taking exams and master the techniques that will allow their minds to work faster and find solutions. These techniques enable a student to think clearly in difficult situations.

Our Culture

Aura Tek aims to promote excellent examination preparation. Our methods differ from others because we understand the mindset of our students and want to instigate the passion for learning in students. We are always ready to help our students in any way possible and accommodate them according to the timings they see fit.

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